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Loan Prepayment

How to Prepay

If you would like to make prepayments on an outstanding loan, please contact us in writing via email, fax, letter, or by phone. On Page 5 of your loan authorization, the process is laid out as follows:

“If Borrower prepays during the first half of the stated term, there will be a prepayment premium, calculated by applying a declining percentage of the Debenture interest rate to the out standing principal balance of the Note. A schedule of the dollar amount of the premium will be provided after the sale of the Debenture.

The Borrower may prepay the Note or Lease in full. Partial prepayment is not allowed. Borrower must pay the sum of:

To prepay, Borrower must give prior written notice to the CDC according to the terms of the Note.”


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In addition, after you have sent your letter, email, or fax, we recommend that you call either Joe O’Garro or Bridget Carney to confirm its receipt.

The best time to pay off your loan are before your semi annual debenture dates which will help to avoid additional fees. You can confirm these dates with Joe O’Garro.